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FOTOSAFARI – On the scent of the crusadors
2-Channel Video / 7 min / Full HD / Stereo / 2015
Taking pictures without knowing. Travelling without understanding. Rainy isle of sun. Surrounded by stubborn seniors who were convinced to get the maximum possible out of the planned travelling experience.
FOTOSAFARI – ON THE SCENT OF THE CRUSADERS is a video essay about a German tourist party that is led by a Turkish guide on a 7 day long coach trip in Turkey and North Cyprus. The travellers are introduced to the roots of christianity in the region of the East Roman Empire. Through a camera between image-hunting tourists the essay documents a desperate attempt to seek the flood of experiences and images. In the shelter of tourism the German consume bits of foreign culture without leaving the cosiness of their cultural comfort zone.
Leaflet of the travelling organization: “On the antique scent of the crusaders we experience the famous natural and cultural sights of Cyprus and Turkey at this delightful two-country-combination-trip. On the so called sun-isle North Cyprus the traces of the apostels lead us to the antique town Salamis and to the monastery Hl. Barnabas. Discover the history of crusadors at St. Hilarion, one of the most famous crusador castles in Mediterranean Sea.“