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Audiovisual performance / 15 min / upended back-projection / Full HD / Stereo / 2015
An upended projection surface presents a mirror. The actress faces herself in the projection and enters into a dialog with her mirror image. With facial expressions and pantomime both women move synchronously but increasingly different.
“My Terror” is about self-hate, illustrated by a confrontation between the mirror image and its viewer. As in the story of Narcissus, the protagonist loses herself in her mirror image, only she doesn’t fall in love with her image; rather it harms and provokes her. It is a game between psychological and physical violence.

The working process resembles a process of self-reflection. Through the projection of a live camera the actress first observed herself and her ticks. From this detailed investigation we developed a choreography for her opponent in the mirror.

By usege of improvisation the whole dramaturgy works like a battle exchange, a tennis game between mirror image and performer. It is as if we as a team had taken up this process and made it public. The performer live shows weakness. Internal conflicts, which people normally resolve in secret with themselves, are brought to the public.

Collaborational work with Eléna Gómez Alvarez (performer) and Amani Gowdet (costume design), being presented at UdK Rundgang and Ortstermin Berlin.