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A cinematographic necromancy calls the spectres of the past: by the means of VHS find the spectator submerges into the Berlin family’s intimate play of the author’s childhood.
Fiction, Documentary / 24 min /
DCP / 5.1 / release 2021

A violent event of death shatters the author in spring 2019. So she start a cinematographic necromancy calling the spectres of the past : by the means of VHS find she submerges into the Berlin family’s intimate play of her childhood. An attempt of purification passing the limites of time, language and space in order to transform a profound wound into something sublime.

Produktion title: Soraya Luna
Genre: Fiction / Documentary
Length: 24 minutes
Language: German, French
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Resolution: HD color
Producer: Master ECAL / HEAD
Release: 2021 Official selection – Visions du Réel – TËNK Award

Starring: Libé Extermann, Feyrose Cruz and Emma Coosemans
Director: Elisa Gómez Alvarez; Assistant director: Elena Gómez Alvarez; Director of Photography: Ivan Castineiras; Art Director: Catalina Gómez Alvarez and Lola Chamot; Costume Designer: Nadine Bakota; Editor: Hubert Schmelzer; Sound: Vuk Vukmanovic; Color grading: Léon Orlandi