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internet-based performance / 123space Bristol / instagram – tumblr – youtube / 3 hours / 2016
A transmedia experience consisting of both online and real life productions created in 2016, focussing on the exploration of identity through alternate personas in cyber culture.

Personae’s monologue. “I‘ve always had trouble expressing myself – always a bit shy, a bit quiet, a bit anxious. So I thought I should be someone else and it has been very liberatling. People always talk about two-dimensional or three-dimensional people but there are thousands more dimensions in that. I‘s just: we choose to project a 2D or 3D image, so that we don‘t confuse or scare people. I don‘t wanna do that – though I want to project my personality in all its complex glory using other personalities to explore my own multi dimensional one.“

As we dive into the world of our main character, the host, we are introduced to his modern day alternate reality. Unsatisfied with his true self, he has created a series of three personas that he portrays through the web and in doing so experiences a variety of different, masked pleasures. As these personas come to life we are able to understand them not only as a creation of the mind but also as humans themselves.

Cast: Alex York; Co-Directing: Yessica Taylor; Screenplay & Poetry: Tommy Creagh; Sound Design: Matthew Flanagan